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Bulletin updated at 00:45 HKT
30/ Mar /2017

Local Weather Forecast

A humid easterly airstream affected the coast of Guangdong yesterday. Locally, it was mainly cloudy. The weather was misty with one or two rain patches in the morning and at night. There were sunny intervals during the day. The easterly airstream will bring foggy weather to the coast of Guangdong today and tomorrow. A cold front is expected to reach the south China coast tomorrow. There will be squally thunderstorms and the weather will become cool appreciably over the region.

Weather forecast for Hong Kong

Light RainMainly cloudy. Coastal mist and one or two rain patches in the morning and at night. Sunny intervals during the day. Temperatures will range between 21 and 24 degrees. Moderate east to southeasterly winds, occasionally fresh offshore at first.

Outlook: Coastal fog at first on Friday. Squally thunderstorms later during the day and it will become cool appreciably. Becoming fine and dry over the weekend.